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Say Hello to MCQPAL

  • Kushali Jayasundara
    " I have been informed about mcqpal two months before my OL exam. Within these two months I did more than 100 papers for Science, Sinhala, History and Buddhism. Now I expect “A” grades for all these subjects. "
    " I did papers using my mobile phone, even when I am traveling in the bus and it was fun.
    By : Kushali Jayasundara
  • Maduranga Sandaruwan
    " I got an “A” Pass for chemistry in 2013 GCE A/L. Chemistry has always been the most difficult subject for me until I get to know about MCQPAL. I did more than 20 mcq papers in here. I became good in chemistry after that, in exam past papers I found the same question had been repeated again and again. "
    " We can get 50 marks out of 100, from mcqs, and it will decide our grade."
    By : Maduranga Sandaruwan
  • Sunil Fernando
    " My son is in grade 8 and he is schooling in Colombo. He does a minimum of 5-10 MCQPAL papers for a week, he loves doing papers by using the computer, there are papers for almost all the subjects he learn, Since he started using mcqpal he became a totally different character, this time he is the first in the class, it’s good to have useful educational websites like this for our kids."
    By : Sunil Fernando
  • Harith Ranatunga
    " I am a teacher; I think MCQPAL will definitely increase exam results of my students. All my students do their mcq papers through MCQPAL, I don’t have to waste time on correcting papers as it is been done automatically. "
    " The system categories their grades, I can have an idea about in what level my students are, I know what questions are mostly being answered incorrectly and it paperless.
    By : Harith Ranatunga

Special Updates

  • Sponsor for a school

    Pls contact us if you like to Sponsor for online exam packages for all the students in your selected school. Your support would brighten the future of the nation.
  • Teacher Recruitment

    If you are a qualified and experienced teacher who has the capability of developing target exam papers please contact us. Let it shine…